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Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA)

The Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA) has been compiled by Anglia Ruskin University, BirdLife International, Cambridge University (Geography and Zoology Departments), Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Tropical Biology Association and UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

To request a copy of the toolkit, please fill in the following details. You will then receive an email (within 7 days of your request) with a link to a web address where you can download a pdf. The information you provide will help the toolkit compilers to understand how it is being used and by whom, in order to shape its further development.

For an overview of the toolkit approach and rationale please read the journal article published in Ecosystem Services here.

For an overview of how TESSA works please listen to this webinar.



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Would you like the opportunity for the results of your application of TESSA to be put to wider use? The compilers of TESSA are collating data derived from its application for meta-analysis, to evaluate at a broad scale the contribution that information on ecosystem services can make to biodiversity conservation. Would you be interested in contributing, potentially as a coauthor, and for your results to be considered for use in this way? If you wish, any data you provide will be made anonymous and not explicit to location or organisation. YesNo

The TESSA will be updated periodically so please refer back to this website regularly to continue to access the latest content.

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The development of the TESSA was supported by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Darwin Initiative and AXA Research Fund