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The information and expertise amassed through the State of the world’s birds project has been used to develop a wide range of materials, including booklets, brochures and foldout maps. These not only promote and explain BirdLife’s work, but also help support its involvement at key events such as international environmental negotiations. Below are some of the main recent publications.

BirdLife International (2013) State of Africa’s birds 2013: Outlook for our changing environment. Nairobi, Kenya: BirdLife International Africa Partnership
 State of Africa’s birds presents a summary of the data and information collected by the BirdLife Africa Partnership.
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BirdLife International (2013) Saving the world’s most threatened birds: the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International
This report provides an overview of the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme. In its first five years, the programme has already taking action for 40% of all threatened bird species.
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BirdLife International (2012) Important Areas for Seabirds: guiding marine conservation in the Pacific. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International
This report reveals the most important sites in the tropical Pacific for seabirds. It outlines how safeguarding these places will protect the livelihoods and cultural heritage of Pacific islands and peoples, and help governments to meet the commitments they have made to biodiversity conservation.
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BCN and DNPWC (2012) Conserving biodiversity and delivering ecosystem services at Important Bird Areas in Nepal. Kathmandu and Cambridge, UK: Bird Conservation Nepal, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, and BirdLife International
This report presents the results of a study which has helped to test a new practical ‘toolkit’ for assessing ecosystem services at the sitescale. The methods used are accessible to non-experts and deliver scientifically robust results.
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BirdLife International (2012) Developing and implementing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans: How to set, meet and track the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Cambridge, UK; BirdLife International
This booklet—launched at the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties in Hyderabad, India—provides examples for 18 of the Aichi Targets of how birds can help to set targets at the national level, focus actions to meet these targets, and provide data to monitor success.
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CCI and BirdLife (2011) Measuring and monitoring ecosystem services at the site scale. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Conservation Initiative and BirdLife International
Ecosystem services underpin our very existence. Despite this, they are consistently undervalued in economic analyses and decision-making. This booklet introduces a new 'toolkit' for measuring ecosystem services at the site scale which is accessible to non-experts and delivers scientifically robust results.
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BirdLife International (2010) Meeting the 2020 biodiversity targets: action and monitoring based on birds. Cambridge, UK.
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BirdLife International (2010) Marine Important Bird Areas: priority sites for the conservation of biodiversity. Cambridge, UK.
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 BirdLife International (2010) Important Bird Areas (IBA) poster. Cambridge, UK.
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 Alliance for Zero Extinction (2010) 2010 AZE update: Pinpointing and conserving epicenters of imminent extinctions
 The Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE), a global initiative of biodiversity conservation organisations including BirdLife, aims to prevent extinction by identifying and safeguarding key sites where species are in imminent danger of disappearing. This map depicts the updated set of sites following the 2010 update.
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BirdLife International (2008) Critically Endangered birds: a global audit. Cambridge, UK.
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BirdLife International (2008) State of the world’s birds: indicators for our changing world. Cambridge, UK.
 The information and analysis presented in State of the world’s birds was updated in 2008.
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BirdLife International (2004) State of the world’s birds 2004: indicators for our changing world. Cambridge, UK
State of the world’s birds was first published in 2004. It provided a comprehensive account of the work and knowledge of more than 100 BirdLife Partners, and thousands of other reseachers, in a booklet of just 72 pages.
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